Hydraulic Shoring

Where trench shields protect workers from harm when a cave-in occurs, hydraulic shoring products are designed to actually prevent the cave-in from actually happening.

With options of single shores with 1.5′ rail or fin form attached, we have what your after.

Hydraulic shoring is the use of hydraulic pistons that can be pumped outward until they press up against the trench walls


  • Depth Range From 4′ to 25′
  • Cylinder Ranges From 17″ – 144″
  • Cylinder Extensions Available
  • Heavy Duty Lifting Beams
  • Easy to Use Release/Hook Tool
  • Light Weight for Small Machines
  • 3/4″ 14 Ply Artic Birch Fin Form
  • All Shores Tested & Maintained
  • Heavy Duty Steel Lift Handles
  • Fin Form Attached

  • Fin Form Attached

  • Hydraulic Pump

  • Fin Form Attached