Steel Trench Shields

Cascade offers a wide variety of Steel Trench Boxes.

We have the right box for all your shoring projects.

We offer many different kinds and sizes of steel trench shields including:

  • Steel Shields
  • Tap Shields
  • Hydraulic Manhole Bracing

Shield Classifications:

  • Light Shields – when using a smaller machine
  • Medium Shields – for standard depth ratings
  • Heavy Shields – for deep depth ratings

Heights for our shields are 10’, 8’, 6’, and 4’ tall. These shields can be stacked to the desired depth.

Lengths available for shields are: 8’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 20’, and 24’

  • Steel Trench Shield w/ Arch Spreader

    Steel Trench Shield w/ Arch Spreader

  • Octagon Manhole with Doors Removed

    Octagon Manhole Doors Removed

  • Steel Shields being moved by truck

    Trench Shields

  • Tap Shields on Truck

    Tap Shields

  • Steel Shields


  • Steel Shields


  • Steel Shields


  • Steel Shields


  • Steel Shields


  • Bracing Example